Ben Shapiro on Jussie Smollett: ‘Every Hate Crime Is Obviously Awful and Evil’

‘In order to maintain the idea that America is a racist, bigoted place, you have to ignore hate crimes against the groups most likely to be targeted’


SHAPIRO: "I mean, certainly, if you’re going to look at the groups most targeted in hate crimes across the United States on a per capita basis, Jews are twice as likely to be targeted as African-Americans. They are twice as likely to be targeted as gay Americans. The idea that the real threat, when it comes to hate crimes, is largely directed against blacks or against gay folks in the United States. Every hate crime is obviously awful and evil, but it’s amazing that the media ignores one form of hate crime. And the reason is — The New York Times admitted this. They said, yeah we've had a spate of crimes against Jews in New York City, we don’t cover it because it doesn’t fit our ideological narrative. The people who are doing these assaults are not white supremacists. Not one of the hate crimes in New York City has been linked to white supremacy. And so, basically, we just ignore it, because it doesn't fit the narrative that we want to tell. And beyond that, the idea of Jews as victims in United States is on its face boldly absurd, because Jews are such disproportionate winners in the American  system. Jews are disproportionately well educated, disproportionately wealthy.” 

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