Graham: When Obama Says He Wants To Destroy ISIS, No One Believes Him, Including Me

‘His actions are not consistent with that statement’

BLITZER: "Are you going to support this language the president has put forward authorizing the U.S. military to go out there and destroy ISIS?" 
GRAHAM: "It's fatally flawed. No. When the president says he wants to destroy ISIS, I don't think anybody believes it, including me, because his actions are not consistent with that statement. His speech today is never going to replace Churchill when it comes to rallying people to a cause. And he continued a damning narrative. Among our friends and our allies, he is seen as an uncertain trumpet to follow. And among our enemies, he is seen as weak. And if you could understand what he was saying today about our commitment to destroy ISIL, you did a better job than I have been able to do." 

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