Schumer Credits America’s Enemies in Doing More Against Climate Change

‘Every country in the world, including Syria, North Korea, Iran are working together to reduce carbon emissions while the Trump administration has forced the United States to sit on the sidelines’

Chuck Grassley Prays for Trump to Have ‘Wisdom’ to Sign Border Security Bill ‘So Government Doesn’t Shut Down’

(The Washington Free Beacon

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., NY) credited America's enemies, including Syria, North Korea, and Iran, for doing more to combat climate change than the United States during a speech on the Senate floor on Thursday.

"They're taking their lead from the president, a man who is so willfully ignorant and foolish that he thinks he's clever by ridiculing the global scientific consensus on climate change whenever it snows," Schumer said about Republican lawmakers. "Well, the American people are not laughing. They weren't laughing when a U.S. Senator brought a snowball to the floor of this chamber to mock climate science. They weren't laughing when President Trump called climate change a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese."


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