Buttigieg: Green New Deal Is a ‘Pragmatic’ Approach to Solving Global Warming

‘We have to do something about climate change’


BUTTIGEIG: "So, you know, we've got to acknowledge that the right did a masterful job over the last 40 yeas, of being willing -- even if it meant losing in the short term, to pull the entire center of gravity of the American political spectrum further right than where most American people already are. Most Americans get that everybody ought to have health care. Most Americans get that wages are too low and we've got to do something about that. And I don’t think it’s a crazy left-wing idea that we ought to have a sense of urgency -- a sense of emergency even, as somebody who's thinking about what the world's going to look like in 2054 when I get to the current age of the current president, that we got to do something about climate change that acknowledges it as an emergency that really is in its destructive power on par with something like the Great Depression or World War II. So, of course we got to have something on the scale of the Green New Deal. That's not left-wingism, that's pragmatism."

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