Jesse Watters Says AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Rashidi Have ‘Some ISIS Sympathy’ in Them

‘You have some anti-Semitism, Farrakhan association, some ISIS sympathy in there’


WATTERS: "It’s an amazing thing that there’s not more Jewish Republicans in this country. They always have their different belief system. I think what’s happening here are there’s the three musketeers. You have Omar, you have Rashida, and you have AOC. They are all socialist. You have some anti-Semitism, Farrakhan’s associations, some ISIS sympathy in there. And the Republicans are going to target these three women, these freshman socialists. they're not really going to target Pelosi like they did. They’re just going to go after these three radicals. Politico says this: this Republican strategy risks a backlash. As the party that has problems with women and minorities continue to focus attacks on women of color. And I just dislike it because I think Republicans are going after these women because they are Democratic radicals, not because they are women or minorities. For the Republicans, it’s not about identity. It’s about ideology. This backlash is created by the media. There is no real backlash. They’re just going to go after you because you’re trying to change the country and they don’t like your policies."

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