Kurtz: ‘Make No Mistake ... Justin Fairfax in Deep Trouble’ with Second Accuser

‘I don’t think lieutenant governor is doing himself any favors by accusing Meredith Watson of a smear’

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KURTZ: "Well, make no mistake, Martha, Justin Fairfax is in deep trouble because the allegations by this new accuser, Meredith Watson, moves the debate from a 'he said, she said' over a sexual encounter with the first woman, Vanessa Tyson, which Fairfax claims is consensual, to a much more troubling question whether there is a pattern of sexual misconduct. And I don’t think Lieutenant Governor is doing himself any favors by accusing Meredith Watson of a smear, the same words, the same phrase smear campaign that he used against the first woman. Why would either of these women, what do they have to gain by coming forward, as Trace noted? They are not asking for money, they're not going on TV, they're not seeking publicity. They say they have an obligation to come forward because it looked like Justin Fairfax was on the verge of becoming Virginia’s governor."

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