Claire McCaskill: Lindsey Graham Has Lost His Mind

‘How does a man or a woman stay quiet when their dear friend, their political mentor, who is dead, is mocked’


GEIST: "Well, if you support the president of the United States taking over appropriations, then you forfeit your future right to argue for the Constitution. I think, Senator McCaskill, we’ve heard though from Mitch McConnell, we’ve heard from John Cornyn, we’ve heard now from a number of your former Senate colleagues on the Republicans side alarm over this idea of national emergency. Others, like Lindsey Graham have said, ‘We ought to go along with the declaration of a national emergency if that’s what it comes to. We need to support this president. What are the implications of that long term and do you really think we get to that point where the president of the United States has given that power, or takes that power?"
 McCASKILL: "Number one -- yeah, number one, Lindsey Graham has lost his mind. I just don’t even understand what has happened with Lindsey.
GEIST: "What’s he doing, senator?"
McCASKILL: "I do not know. It is beyond bizarre to me. This is not the man I served shoulder to shoulder with so many years. I really don’t understand. It must have something to do with how he views the president. I think frankly, the notion this president was insulting John McCain yesterday, and Lindsey Graham is standing tall for him, I do not understand why Lindsey Graham is not throwing a haymaker in defense of John McCain towards this president. So, I don’t get Lindsey Graham.”

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