CNN’s Sciutto to Rep. Reed: Don’t Americans Have a Right to Know Whether Their President Pays Taxes?

‘Don’t you and I have a right to know whether our president pays taxes?’


SCIUTTO: "Let me ask you about the President’s tax returns. You’re a member of the Ways and Means Committee. Next week your Democratic colleagues on the Ways and Means Committee, they will hold a hearing on the President’s tax returns. Why don’t Americans have a right to see what their President’s income is and whether he’s paying taxes or not?"
REED: "This will be an interesting debate. You know, this authority that the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee has to pull anyone’s tax returns, we have to be careful we are not going down a slippery slope here of just picking for political purposes someone’s tax returns for a political process."
SCIUTTO: "We are not talking about anyone’s. We are talking about the leader of the free world, the president of the largest economy of the world following what’s been an established protocol for decades by Republican and Democratic presidents. I just wonder for you as a citizen who I assume pays his taxes, don’t you and I have a right to know whether our president pays taxes?"

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