Donald Trump: If We Don’t Have the Wall to Stop Human Traffickers, Nothing Is Going to Stop Them

‘Open borders are very bad for our country’

TRUMP: "Open borders are very bad for our country. Crime comes in, drugs, human trafficking, so many things. But let's talk about human trafficking. You can't bring women or children through a port of entry where you have people looking into the back of a car,  a van, a truck. It has to go out into the open areas where they drive into our country like there's no problem, and that's exactly what they do. They get off the main drag or the main road, they make a right or a left, and then they come right into our country. They go through areas where there is nobody. We need a border wall. If we don't have a wall to stop them, nothing's going to stop them. This isn't about technology and this isn't about politics. This is about practicality and it's about security for our nation."

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