CBS Covers Brian Williams ‘Fighting for His Reputation’ After Iraq Lie

‘That really deals a blow to his credibility before the viewing public’

CBS Covers Brian Williams 'Fighting for His Reputation' After Iraq Lie (NewsBusters)

On Friday's CBS This Morning, substitute co-host Jeff Glor introduced a report on the growing scandal surrounding NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams by proclaiming: "This morning, one of the biggest names in media is fighting for his reputation....On Wednesday, Williams said he was sorry for saying his helicopter in Iraq was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade in 2003. That never happened. It's an account that has changed over the years."

Glor noted: "Very quickly Williams' tale was disputed by soldiers themselves....One of them was David Luke, a flight engineer, who says he took part in the mission." A soundbite played of Luke blasting Williams: "If somebody on the outside wants to embellish, you know, what they did or didn't do, we know what really happened."

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