Juan Williams: The Base and the Ann Coulter Crowd Think Trump Lost on the Shutdown

‘It’s one thing to hear from people who, you know, are pretty critical of Trump’


WILLIAMS: "I don’t see it right now, John. I mean, what we know from the polling, and we’ve had some recent polls indicating very clearly now, I think it’s 54 percent of the American people don’t favor the wall. So that the wall itself, which is a huge political symbol for this President, does not seem to have the political power that he thought. We’ve seen his numbers drop. The AP poll, Julie is here now, now him at 34 percent approval. So that’s a drop for him. I’m particularly in touch with the idea that independents, who I think are key as we look towards 2020 and the President and his team are increasingly focused on his re-election prospects, you look at the independents and what they’re saying is disapproval of ten points now to 63 percent. And so, overall, even just a general discussion of the topic of border security, Republicans historically hold the advantage. What we see now is that the two sides are equal. That 42 percent trust Pelosi and the Democrats to 40 percent trusting Trump and the Republicans. But let me just add one quick point here. It’s one thing to hear from people who, you know, are pretty critical of Trump about who won and who lost, but why don’t you go ask the base and then you hear from people like Ann Coulter of the talk radio crowd and they think Trump lost."

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