Meghan McCain: ‘I Hate This Country’ Without My Father’s Leadership

‘As a daughter I’m grieving, and as an American I hate this country without him in it’


McCAIN: “The first thing I have to say is that I’m surrounded with support. I try not to feel bad for myself. I just don’t — I think he would be terribly pissed if I walked around that way. I learned that grief is a taboo it makes people uncomfortable. Almost five months out since he I’m sad every single day. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with sharing that. I have moments where I think that I just can’t do anything anymore without him. It’s a weird place to be in in so many different ways. As a daughter I’m grieving and as an American. I hate this country without him in it. I know that sounds awful. I don’t hate America but I hate it without his leadership. I’m very — I’m sad all the time. I’m struggling with that sadness. I miss him in ways that I’ve never could have fathomed. I try to say what would my dad say and he’d say we a McCains. We don’t feel sorry for ourselves. We’re blessed so get up and keep fighting.”

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