Stacey Abrams: ‘Storms that Keep Hitting the East Coast’ Prove Global Warming Is Real

‘We know climate change is real and it’s having an effect on our lives’

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SHARPTON: "Now, you have said, and I agree, that the Democrats should not run in 2020, whether you are on the Senate ticket in Georgia or not, is just against Trump, but for something. What will they do for the American people. What are the three things you would like to see as central issues in the 2020 national as well as statewide races?"
ABRAMS: "Health care has to be a central conversation we know that the GOP and Donald Trump have tried to erode the protections that were put in place by the affordable care act. But we have to go beyond that because in states like Georgia, even though we have access to the ACA, the failure of leadership, the Republican don't expand Medicaid means thousands still suffer without health care and we're one of the 14 states without real access. That has to be front and center. Number two is wages. We know that W Wes are stag gnat or falling but with costs are rising, and it does not make sense in a nation that's so capable of greatness that so many are falling behind. It signals how hard it is for our families those who were serving and protecting us are living from paycheck to paycheck we have to deal with the green economy. We have to address the fact that climate change is real, but it's having a real effect on how we live our lives, whether you're looking at Puerto Rico or the storms that hit the Georgia or what happened in Texas or the storms hitting the east coast. We know climate change is real and it's having an effect on our lives. Focus on health care, wages, and on the climate, and we can win this election in 2020."

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