Gregg Jarrett: ‘Indictment of Roger Stone Only Shows Today that Mueller Has Failed to Meet His Mandate’

‘No one has been charged with a crime for which Mueller was appointed’


JARRETT: "Well, Jason is absolutely right. And, in fact, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, two of Hillary Clinton’s top aides clearly made false and misleading statements to the FBI. And e-mails prove that those were false statements. And Jason, during a committee hearing, Intelligence Committee hearing confronted James Comey about it and Comey said, 'well, there is always conflicting recollection of facts.' You know, this from the same guy who used no facts, no evidence, no probable cause to launch a dilating and improper and illegitimate investigation of Donald Trump and now his long-time friend and ally Robert Mueller is pretty much doing the same. These are process crimes. But the indictment of Roger Stone only shows today that Mueller has failed to meet his mandate. No one has been charged with a crime for which Mueller was appointed."

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