Clapper: Roger Stone Indictment Shows ‘Coordination’ Between Trump Campaign and Russia

‘I think the White House denials are getting increasingly hollow and they simply don’t pass the giggle test’


SCIUTTO: “I don’t want you to get into classified intelligence, but based on these series of communications that Stone was having with senior Trump campaign officials often in advance of Wikileaks releases, e-mails stolen we know by Russia, what does that show to you? Is that evidence in your view of coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia?"
CLAPPER: "Well, it does to me. I say that not as an attorney but just as a layman. And I think clearly it does show a connection, coordination, synchronization, whatever you want to call it. And I might just mention that I wrote about in my book which is the striking parallels and similarities between what the Russians were saying and doing and what the Trump campaign was saying and doing particularly and specifically about Hillary Clinton."

(h/t Mediaite)

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