Fox News’ Jesse Watters: Gov’t Would Be Reopened Right Now ‘If We Had a Fair Media’

‘Because they would be asking these logical questions to Democrats by not protecting the democratic position’


WATTERS: “Schumer said we will reopen the government and we can’t even discuss border security until you do that. Well, the president offered Nancy Pelosi that. He said if we reopen the government, can we do a deal on a barrier later on? You know she said, no. Then he said bye-bye and that was the time he walked out of the room. Greg brings up the point you say over the wall, the Democrats have to say we are against the wall. Thus, every reporter should be asking that very question. Congresswoman, senator, do you believe we should tear down the existing wall since they are immoral and they obviously don’t work? You would have the government reopened right now if we had a fair media in the country because they would be asking these logical questions to Democrats by not protecting the democratic position, and the intensity would be so strong I Nancy, she would have to come to the negotiating table. I believe she has lost this argument. If you look at her getting grounded on the flight, if you look at the Puerto rican P.R. Disaster. Trump moderating his position. The logical arguments, they just can’t argue it. All they say is it’s mean. So if you look at what he’s offering, he’s offering humanitarian assistance. He’s offering changes to the asylum. He says 280 additional walls to be needed and built. What are they saying? No and millions of people are still not getting paid. I don’t think it’s very compassionate.”

(Via Mediaite)

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