Van Hollen: The ‘Burden’ Is on the GOP To Explain Why They Oppose Obama’s Budget

‘They’ve got to do a little better than just say no’

"Well, Andrea, first I think there is some burden on congressional Republicans to say why they oppose the president's budget approach, which after all, is focused on the idea that the entire economy does better when we address the issue of wage stagnation and frozen paychecks. The idea the president has is, let's provide a little more tax relief to folks in the middle; let's provide more opportunities in the form of education and training and entrepreneurship, so that everybody in the country can do better. So it's disappointing to hear them so quickly say no to that in favor of what they always called for which is this trickle down economics idea, the idea that you just got to give another round of tax breaks to folks at the top and somehow miraculously that will help everybody else. That just hasn't worked. So I think they got to do a little better than just say no. There are couple of areas in infrastructure and dealing with the sequester where I hope we can curve out some common ground."

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