Barnicle: There Is a National Emergency; It’s Trump

‘There is a national emergency’


BARNICLE: "Joe, I mean, that was so clear last night. This is a speech he has given multiple times in the past, as Willie just alluded to, from his primary campaigns to the Republican convention in Cleveland to nearly every day, the wall, the wall, the wall. But it raises the question, and an important one, for the presidents and the citizens of this country, the television coverage of that speech last night, what happens when there is a real crisis, when there is a real emergency? Does he take to the air waves? Do we give him the air waves? Do we believe him? That’s a real question that will have to be answered. The President continually refers to — he gets right up to the edge of this as a national emergency. Well, there is a national emergency, I would submit. We saw it last night. It’s him."

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