Willie Geist: ‘Let’s Be As Clear As We Possibly Can Be,’ There’s No National Security Crisis at the Border’

‘There is no national security crisis at the border’


GEIST: "It is, Joe. And the quote yesterday from the President on Twitter: 'There’s a humanitarian and national security crisis on our southern border.' Let’s be as clear as we possibly can be. There is no national security crisis at the border. Those numbers remind us of that again. And Richard Haass, what you have here, the argument distilled down, we’ve heard from the President, Vice President, Homeland Security, Sarah Huckabee Sanders all on TV as terrorists are streaming across the southern border and if we don’t build a wall, they are going to come to America and kill us. That is not happening. The numbers bear it out, the evidence bears it out. And this is all so President Trump can deliver on chants he initiated at his rallies, 'Build that wall,' during his presidential campaign. It’s theater and a show tonight."

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