Dingell: For Rep. Brady To Say Pelosi Isn’t Cutting a Deal on the Wall Because of the Left-Wing Dems Is Flat Out Untrue

‘I have great respect for Kevin Brady, he’s a friend’


DINGELL: “I’m gonna supper there. I have great respect for Kevin Brady, he’s a friend. But to say that Nancy Pelosi isn’t cutting a deal because the left members of her caucuses flat out not true. I like my colleague, Cheri Bustos, who played it close. I want to see us reopen the the public servants we have put in the middle are not the Republicans or Democrats. They are people who care about this country. They are the customs and border patrol workers. They are the TSA. I talked to my youth turn who got approved this week, and his workers are scared to death about how they will pay their mortgage. What was wrong with the bill that was passed last night?”

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