Hannity: ‘Sad’ That Mitt Romney Is Cozying Up to People Who Hated Him

‘Democrats pursue radical left agenda’


HANNITY: “We have more on this throughout the show. All right, let’s turn our attention just briefly to Mitt Romney. He has not been sworn in as senator. And Romney is already launching a feckless attack against the president, following his op-ed slamming President Trump for so-called character and leadership issues. Well, the RNC chairwoman, Ronna Mcdaniel, his niece, tweeted well, for an incoming Republican freshman senator to attack president Trump as their first act feeds into what the Democrats andth media want. It’s disappointing and unrepublican tia. Our friend the great one mark Levin issuing it’s clear romfully would be force in the Senate playing to the media praise him and seeking a presidency. I supported Mitt Romney. That he was the same media that beirutize dollars him in 2012. It’s sad he has more interest in closing up for those people on the left who hated him than sticking up for protecting American citizens. American Independence. Securing our borders, inches issues he claims to care about. Democrats pursue radical left agenda. In 90 days you will know how left they are. All right. We got to take a break.”

(Via Mediaite)

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