Mika Brzezinski: Mitt Romney Is Going To Bring a Whole New Dose of Reality for Trump

‘Mitt Romney is making it very clear he’s going to be much more than a thorn in president Trump’s side’


BRZEZINSKI “Well, it worked for the campaign or the nomination, really. But the question is how to get out of this box now. And, Mike, someone else we know, and we're going to dig into this more later, but I'd like to bring it up now because it kind of paints the picture of how this president is really kind of starting the new year up against Nancy Pelosi, up against Democrats when it comes to the wall with a Republican Party that is increasingly frustrated that he keeps sticking and desperately holding to this wall while we have a government shutdown. Let me just read the title of Mitt Romney’s opinion piece that he wrote. 'The president shapes the public character of the nation. Trump’s character falls short.' It’s a big piece that he’s written in 'The Washington Post' and it is searing, it is damning. If Trump thought he had a challenge in John McCain, if Trump thought he had a challenge in Jeff Flake, I get a feeling Mitt Romney is going to bring in a whole new dose of reality for this president. Mitt’s run for president himself and he didn’t win, you know what he decided to do? Serve anyway. And I think Trump is going to regret not talking him out of this. There was some possibility he could have done that. Mitt Romney is making it very clear he’s going to be much more than a thorn in President Trump’s side. What’s your gut on how that dynamic plays out?”

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