Kat Timpf: ‘Funny’ that Trump Takes Credit for Good Economy, But Not the Bad

‘I think we all need to agree that that is kind of funny, I suppose’


CAMPOS DUFFY: "So, this president, Kat, he's been bragging about the economy for the last couple of years, it has been pretty good on his watch. Now this has happened which adds a little bit of question into the market and into what the future is in 2019. Should he take the blame if things go any worse?"
TIMPF: "Well, it’s interesting that he’s very willing to take the credit but he’s not addressing the blame. I think we all need to agree that that is kind of funny, I suppose. Because it was completely up to President Trump, this is why the market is doing so well. And now this has happened. Of course, as Tyrus said the economy is still a good economy."
TIMPF: "This isn't some huge disaster. And none of the experts that we’ve talked to -- I was on Maria show on Fox Business this morning, everyone said there’s really no reason to be super concerned, we are not heading into some sort of an economic crisis right now. So it’s a little bit different than what we’ve been used to with things going up, up, up, that can be a little jarring but it’s not the kind of crisis that some people might be making it out to be."

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