GOP Rep. Costello Mocks Trump’s Loyalty to Fox News: ‘Sean Hannity Yelled Fire and He Fell In Line’

‘The Senate voted 100-0 to pass a clean CR [continuing resolution] and sent it to the House’


COSTELLO: "Well, this is the President’s shutdown. He said it was going to be his shutdown. The Senate voted 100-0 to pass a clean C.R. and send it to the House. Sean Hannity and a few other people screamed fire. The President then fell in line behind Sean Hannity. We in the house voted, and I voted for it, for an additional $5 billion and then about $8 billion on disaster relief on top of the clean C.R. Democrats were not willing to go along because they didn’t want any more wall funding in there. We sent it to the Senate. I don’t think there was any reasonable expectation that the Senate would take that bill up and vote for the wall funding because you need eight Democrats in the Senate. So the fact that we’re in shutdown now is foreseeable and I don’t see a scenario where the government opens back up until the new Congress is sworn in."

(h/t RawStory)

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