Chris Hayes: We’ve Seen Trump Meltdowns Before But This Feels Different, It Feels Worse and More Serious

‘He’s making rash decisions’

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HAYES: "It’s over, folks. It’s over. Now we’ve seen Trump meltdowns before, plenty of them. But this feels different. It feels worse and it feels more serious, primarily because actual things in the world are changing. Real structural things out there in the world, not just Trump. He is about to lose political power for the first time in his entire political career after suffering a huge loss in the midterms. He cannot control the trajectory of an economy that’s showing some signs of strain. He’s making rash decisions. He’s lashing out at staff, losing key aides and watching the markets go south on his cable news all day long. On top of all that, he’s now shutting down the Government because he can’t get his way."

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