Quigley: ‘Democrats Believe in Border Security, But the Wall Isn’t the Measure that Gets that Done’

‘$5 billion doesn’t make sense when there is so many other needs’


HARLOW: “Where are you willing to give on this? Does the president insist again a border wall will be built as a democratic congressman? How much are you willing to give toward that effort?"
QUIGLEY: "I think that the Democrats gave in 2018. There was over a billion dollars in funding for border security. I've been to the south and at the border, and it’s very clear that a border wall doesn’t work. It’s an extraordinarily extensive boondoggle, but we should be concerned about border security. But they haven’t spent all the money from 2018 on those measures."
HARLOW: "Right."
QUIGLEY: "I do believe Democrats believe in border security, but the wall isn’t the measure that gets that done; $5 billion doesn’t make sense when there is so many other needs."

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