CNN’s Toobin on Giuliani Media Blitz: He’s Speaking to the ‘Choir at Fox News, and Sean Hannity Repeats It’

‘Sean Hannity repeats it and 30% of the country believes it’


TOOBIN: “Why is he doing it? Because I think he feels it will help his client. They believe it on “Fox News”. I mean, you know, a lot of people are supporting what the president is doing. You know, his base needs reasons, so he gives them reasons. But the whole — the argument — you know, he says, well, paying money to stormy Daniels was not a crime. Yes, it was. Yes, it was. It was an illegal campaign contribution. That’s what Michael Cohen just pleaded guilty to. So just because Rudy Giuliani says it is not a crime doesn’t make it not a crime. But I think what he is doing — why he is doing it is that he is giving reasons to his amen choir at “Fox News,” and Sean Hannity repeats it and 30% of the country believes it. So I think there is a reason why he is saying it. It doesn’t mean it is true or believable, but I think there’s a reason.”

(Via Mediaite)

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