Nicolle Wallace: Sarah Palin’s Iowa Speech Revealed the ‘Gaps in Her Knowledge’

‘As someone who’d worked in politics for over a decade, I’d never encountered somebody like her’

Nicolle Wallace: Palin’s Iowa Speech Revealed the ‘Gaps in Her Knowledge’ (Mediaite)

Nicolle Wallace, who served as communications director for Sen. John McCain’s 2008 campaign before joining the cast of The View, never misses an opportunity to share her thoughts about Sarah Palin. That was true once more last night when she told David Letterman what it was like to work for Palin while she was going “rogue.”

Wallace described Palin as an “inspired” and “outside the box” choice for McCain’s running mate, but said she was just never able to measure up to his “knowledge and experience.”

“She was able to excite us, but she wasn’t able to prove that she had the experience for the job,” Wallace continued. She cited Palin’s Iowa Freedom Summit speech this past weekend as another instance when, “on full display were all the gaps in her knowledge.”

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