Symone Sanders: If Trump Is Not the President, He Would Have Probably Been in Court Today, Being Sentenced

‘I have always said, where there is smoke, there is fire and this has been a very smoky situation’

TAPPER: "Simone?"
SANDERS: "Let me just say. Today we learned a couple of things. The president is a crook. His attorney is a crook. His former campaign manager, one of them, was a crook. So it is jarring to me -- jarring to me -- that -- I want folks to understand, if Donald Trump is not the president of the United States, he would have probably been in court today. Being sentenced. But the presidency is currently protecting him. But the presidency is also the thing that is going to be Donald Trump's downfall. He had been engaging in this behavior for a very long time. And the only reason this has come to a head for the American people is because he decided to run for president and there was some foul stuff with Russia along the way. I have always said, where there is smoke, there is fire. And this has been a very smoky situation."

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