Meghan McCain Calls out ‘The View’ Audience for Applauding Harsh John Kelly Criticism: ‘It’s Weird To Be Clapping’

‘Whatever you think about his politics, he lost his son in combat for freedom’

Meghan McCain Calls Out View Audience For Applauding Harsh John Kelly Criticism: ‘It’s Weird to Be Clapping’ (Mediaite)  

Longtime watchers of The View know that Meghan McCain doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

And after the in-studio audience applauded Sunny Hostin‘s harsh criticism of soon-to-be-former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, McCain called out the crowd in the exact awkwardly tense moment that makes The View such a curious and must-see watch for Mediaite editors looking for content.

Since President Donald Trump announced over the weekend that Kelly would be stepping down as his Chief of Staff, a robust debate has spawned about his disciplined approach to managing the White House. Critics claim he did little to manage Trump’s nontraditional approach to being Commander in Chief, while others suggest that it could have/would have been much worse without Kelly’s moderating influence.

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