Fox Guest Says Trump Can ‘Absolutely’ Work with Democrats Because ‘He Actually Used To Be One’

‘Absolutely, he can work with Democrats’


FAULKNER: “President Trump, moving on, appears to be courting Democrats. He thinks he can work with the next Congress. He met with red state Senator Joe Manchin yesterday, and he's invited some other top Democrats to meet with him in recent days. This isn’t just an olive branch — he is sitting down with people, Jon."
SUMMERS: "Yeah, and I think that's great that he’s doing it. So the question is, can he work with Democrats? Absolutely, he can work with Democrats."
FAULKNER: "He's a dealmaker."
SUMMERS: "He actually used to be one. And to your point, he -- yeah, he’s a dealmaker. But the big question is, will he be willing to work with Democrats? How much does he want to actually have a fight with Democrats versus actually getting something done? And I think that's something that the American people are wanting is to see both sides come together, and actually pass legislation that is meaningful to their daily lives."

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