Abby Philip: Trump Calling George Conway ‘Mr. Kellyanne Conway’ Interview Is a ‘Dig’

‘Everybody around Kellyanne obviously understands this dynamic’


BERMAN: "Abby, on this, though, Kellyanne is pretty clear. She gets really deeply offended when anyone brings this up in any setting, yet her boss’ son just brought it up in a very public way."
PHILLIP: "And the President has brought it up. He called George Conway 'Mr. Kellyanne Conway,' which is a dig —"
BERMAN: "In the Trump world it is."
PHILLIP: "Yeah. Look, everybody around Kellyanne obviously understands this dynamic, but I will also say they sat for a lengthy 'Washington Post' article on the subject —"
GREGORY: "They brought them to their breakfast."
PHILLIP: "So it is the subject of news —"
CAMEROTA: "And what did they reveal in that article?"
PHILLIP: "The divisions that you see on Twitter are very real.”

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