Brennan: Trump Shouldn’t Meet with Saudi Prince — He Should Make Him an ‘International Pariah’

‘So no, I think Mohammad bin Salman needs to be shunned and, you know, be an international pariah at this point’


BRENNAN: "Well, if Donald Trump is going to meet him in order to look him in the eye and say, read him the Riot Act, that this was outrageous, and his involvement is something that is well beyond the [inaudible] and that he is going to be held to account, then there's a reason to meet with him. But I think the chances of that happening in terms of Donald Trump saying that are fairly remote. So no, I think Mohammad bin Salman needs to be shunned and be an international pariah at this point, because of what he did to this American journalist at the consulate, the Saudi consulate in Turkey. So I don't think Donald Trump should meet with him unless he is going to, as I said, read him the Riot Act."

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