ACLU’s Lee Gelernt Criticizes Border Patrol for Use of Tear Gas, ‘Overuse of Force’

‘The Border Patrol has a history of using unnecessary force’


GELERNT: "No one wants any border officer to be in danger. From what we know, this was an overuse of force. There are women and children out there. Using tear gas in this situation does not seem justified. We are investigating the facts on the ground. But the border patrol has a history of using unnecessary force. We have a case now that’s pending potentially in the Supreme Court about the fatal shooting of a young man across the border. In that case, we’ve documented numerous instances of what we believe was unnecessary force. So this would not be the first time that it was excessive force by the border patrol. I think there's no reason to overreact when you have women and children out there."

(h/t RealClearPolitics)

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