Dem Strategist: ‘We Know We Elected the National Enquirer,’ Someone Who Uses ‘Racist Language’ and ‘Denies Truths’ Like Climate Change

‘—and the crisis in health care’


CATE: “Well, I think it is important to get to the truth of any of this. It's certainly concerning that he is coming out and defending the Saudis in relation to what potentially may have happened there and what our intelligence community, the way we understand it, is leaning towards. I think it is important to get to the truth, but I don’t think Democrats will lose focus on these pocketbook issues that got them the majority, which is super important. We know people don’t like President Trump, we know we elected the National Enquirer, someone who's womanizing, uses racist language and denies truths like climate change and crisis in health care, we know all of that. We have to give people a reason to vote for something. So going down the path of why you shouldn’t like President Trump, it is probably not a great strategy in the short or long term.” 

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