Trump: No One’s Done More for the Military Than I Have

‘I’ve done more than anybody else, certainly in many, many years, and probably in many decades’


REPORTER: "Mr. President, what is your response to people who say that a phone call wasn't enough for the troops today?"
TRUMP: "Well, nobody's done more for the military than I have. I took the budget form very little to $700 billion, $716 billion. And I’m now going over to the Coast Guard where I did last year, and I will probably a lot. But we are going to the Coast Guard. And I just -- I really -- I really believe that nobody -- in fact, a number of generals were on television over the weekend, and just unrelated, but they all mentioned the fact that nobody has done, as a president, for the military, in a long time, what I have done. Because I've taken spending where you had a depleted military that wasn’t being fixed and It was a mess. And it frankly put us in danger. And I was able to get Congress to give a $700 billion, and now $716 billion for the military.”

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