Turley on Private Email Use: It’s ‘Baffling,’ ‘I Don’t Know What It Takes to Convince Government Officials to Stop Doing This’

‘It is a rather long and steep learning curve apparently for too many people’


HEMMER: "Let’s talk about Ivanka Trump now." [crosstalk]
SMITH: "Yeah, and we are seeing that the White House is pushing back on these reports of Ivanka Trump using her personal email to conduct official government business. What more can you tell us? Can you weigh in on what you’re hearing so far?"
TURLEY: "Well, I -- I simply find this all baffling. I don’t know what it takes to convince government officials to stop doing this. I mean, it just — it is a rather long and steep learning curve apparently for too many people. There are differences. You know, in the Clinton case you had a server housed in their house, there was serious questions of whether there was a truthful account. Initially Clinton said there was no classified information. There was in fact classified information. There was a risk. The Clinton people did not assist the State Department when they were trying to find out what damage had been done. So there are differences. But at the end of the day you still have to say or ask, why? I mean, why would you do this?"

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