Scarborough on McRaven Attack: Trump ‘Lies Every Day,’ He’s ‘Lying’ About an ‘American Hero’

‘[McRaven] is an American hero by any standard’


SCARBOROUGH: "Donald Trump, there are people who say, ‘Give us an example of Donald Trump’s lies.’"
BRZEZINSKI: "All of them."
SCARBOPROUGH: "When they come every day, so you ask the question, it shows either your ignorance or bad faith for asking, 'Give us an example of Donald Trump lying.' He lies every day. Here he’s lying, by the way, friends, about a Navy S.E.A.L., an American hero who was responsible in large part, after he got the orders, responsible in large part for the killing of a terrorist who actually launched the worst attack of the United States in, my God, what, since the war of 1812, killed over 3,000 Americans. And is an American hero by any standard. And Donald Trump’s lying about him?"

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