CNN’s Sara Murray: ‘It Feels Like Everyone Roger Stone Knows Has Been Hauled In’ Except for Stone Himself

‘We are waiting to see if Roger Stone himself will face charges’


MURRAY: "The big thing we are waiting for is whether there will be additional indictments surrounding this Roger Stone case. This is the big piece of activity we know is going on. You know, it feels like everyone Roger Stone knows has been hauled in for an interview or to provide testimony before the grand jury except for Roger Stone himself. So we’re waiting to see if Jerome Corsi is right, if he will be indicted and face charges, and we are waiting to see if Roger Stone himself will face charges. He said he expects to, but as of right now we just don’t know if they will be able to make the case, they will be able to bring charges. I can tell you there continues to be plenty of activity, these people continue to talk to the special counsel’s office and we’re just waiting to see if it comes together."

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