Kimmel: Trump Has To Figure out How John Kelly Could Fire Himself

‘More high-profile members of Team Trump are said to be on the chopping block’


KIMMEL: “More high-profile members of Team Trump are said to be on the chopping block. The president is reportedly planning to give the ax to kirstjen Nielsen, his secretary of homeland security. Nielsen has done her best to please the president. She strongly supported his policy of taking children away from their parents at the border but I guess in the end she just wasn’t quite evil enough, and now Thanos will take charge and Nielsen isn’t the only one. Trump’s chief of staff John Kelly is also rumored to be on the way out. The president’s been rumored to want to fire him for a while. But he’s been too chicken to fire people face-to-face and John Kelly is the one to do it for him so now trump has to figure out a way to get John Kelly to do it to himself.”

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