Bannon: ‘The Chinese and American People Are Close, But the Chinese Communist Party Is Reckless’

‘We have depended upon China’s kind of good will for too long’


BANNON: "First thing, I worked for Hank Paulson, I was at Goldman Sachs, he's a terrific guy, when I was a junior banker. Paulson made a very big — you're seeing even that element of the establishment. Paulson said first, many things that President Trump has brought up in this populist, economic, nationalistic movement brought up is actually correct. We have depended upon China's kind of good will for too long. He says, can't do words, we have to have actions. And then he made a statement, I disagree with it, he said China is not an existential threat to the United States. I think if you look at it — and this is not the Chinese people. I think the American people — I spent a lot of time in China, I actually lived in China for a little while. And when I was in the Pacific Fleet, we were all around China. It's the Chinese people, I think, the American people are very close. It is the Chinese Communist Party. You have a reckless — you have a reckless totalitarian regime and they've been particularly reckless — and I would talk to all the people at Yahoo Finance about the financial situation. And the elites in Wall Street have kind of gone along with this, right, and this is what I think [inaudible] was saying the other day. We don't need people coming in here and talking and pushing President Trump to try to do a trade deal when there's many more aspects of this that has to be rectified."

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