David Gergen: Why Are We Still in a Place Where a Mad Man Can Own 21 Guns?

‘That’s the president’s responsibility as well’



GERGEN: “You have lunatics in our society who are loose with guns, but I do think he bears special responsibility for two things, for the moral tone of the country. That’s what we expect our presidents to do, especially in times of crisis to bring us together. And Donald Trump has, in effect, unleashed the dogs of hatred in this country. As if the two things are not connected. But what we know is this fellow bower ordered to go after Jews who were trying to help refugees settle in this country because he wanted to kill Jews for what they were doing with this caravan. Who is whipping up fake hiss tore — hysteria with that caravan? It’s Donald Trump and his team. And then somebody acts on what they said and shoots people. I think the president needs to bear some public responsibility, acknowledgments that he has to be part of the solution too. I think the second thing is, this shooter reportedly had 21 guns. What in the devil, why are we still in the place where a madman can get so many guns? That’s the president’s responsibility as well.”

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