Chris Wilson: If Dems Take the House, They Can ‘Make the President’s Life Absolutely Miserable’

‘They could just start subpoenaing everything and everyone’


WILSON: "What it would do really is, it would be — the thing is Democrats are not going to be able to impeach Donald Trump because, as you said, the Republicans will also hold the Senate. But what they can do is make the President’s life absolutely miserable and Jerry Nadler would like nothing more than that. He's a Democrat from New York, he's been in the area of Trump for a long time. They have never really gotten along. And so what they can begin doing, between Nadler in Judiciary, Schiff on Intelligence, they could just start subpoenaing everything and everyone. Consider it full employment act for White House lawyers. And basically, every member of the White House staff would need a cot in the capitol because they would be testifying so much. And I think that's really going to be the disruption that the three of them could cause, specifically Nadler, to your point in terms of subpoenaing documents and making sure that everybody in the White House has to spend time testifying."

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