Chris Matthews: Hillary Would Have ‘Cakewalk’ Against Mike Huckabee

‘Hillary will be eating it up ... it will give her a reason to run that she wouldn’t have otherwise’

Matthews: Hillary Would Have 'Cakewalk' Against Huckabee (NewsBusters)

Hillary Clinton must be giddy at the thought of facing off against former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee (R), a social conservative and former Baptist preacher, MSNBC host Chris Matthews argued on the January 5 edition of his Hardball program. She would win in a "cakewalk" against a guy who wants to "turn back the clock," he told viewers.

Fortunately for Matthews, none of his assembled panelists challenged his incredibly presumptuous prediction that Clinton would be a shoo-in over an affable, sunnily-optimistic social conservative as the Republican nominee. After all, the Left threw everything they had into the "War on Women" in 2014 against likeable social conservatives like Colorado's Cory Gardner, who won handily against incumbent Sen. Mark "Uterus" Udall (D). Democrats can run all they want attacking social conservatives as "extreme," but in an Obama-wary country in 2016, voters will be much more savvy than that.

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