Scarborough Blasts Dems: ‘This National Democratic Party Does Not Exist’

‘This national Democratic Party does not exist’


SCARBOROUGH: “I’m getting calls from people in the Democratic Party every day talking about the fact that right now, they don’t have a robust, aggressive way to make sure that they pull out voters, that they don’t have a game plan to pull out, for instance, the black voters that helped Doug Jones win in Alabama. It’s just amateur night. It seems constantly that it’s amateur night for the Democratic Party. They have 29 days to wake up or they’re going to be sitting around the morning after the election whining and bitching about how Republicans stole another election and maybe they will blame Martians this time except for blaming themselves, except for looking in the mirror and blaming themselves for not having a coherent message again, for the second time in the Trump era. For the second time in two years they don’t have a coherent message and apparently they don’t have a ground game. If Democrats win, Mika, they’re going to win because they have strong candidates district by district by district. This national Democratic Party does not exist."

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