Charlie Hurt: ‘A Mere Mortal Republican Establishment President’ Would Have Bailed on Kavanaugh Early On

‘You have this guy is just used to fighting’


HURT: "I think without a doubt that a mere mortal Republican establishment president probably would have bailed very early on in this fight because it got so hot and so nasty. You have this guy is just used to fighting and that’s the reason a lot of food conservatives don’t like him. That happens to be the reason I did like him. He’s a fighter and he does not back down. I think to me, the key moment in this whole sordid process was when Brett Kavanaugh went back before the committee and he told the committee, look. I’m not going to quit, I will never back down. You will have to vote and kill my nomination but I’m never going away. When he did that I think that was a message to the president that he’s going to stick with him and that they are going to go to the bitter end. And I think that it shows, because out obviously a lot of conservatives were very concerned about the issue of Supreme Court nominations. He has done something that very few politicians ever do in Washington and that is, he has stuck to his promises. Almost in a maniacal process where he sort of check things off. It’s truly down to the point where, he works off of a list of nominees and, I would argue that in the past say, 50 years, there has not been a single president who has put — who has a better record of putting a good conservative jurist on the Supreme Court."

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