Huntsman Backs Sebelius, Says ObamaCare Strengthens America

The former Republican presidential candidate called Sebelius ‘a dedicated public servant’

HUNTSMAN: "Well, this is a much bigger issue than Kathleen Sebelius, who I know and is a dedicated public servant. This is about technology. It's about the health-care marketplace. It's about connecting with individual states. It's about a White House that I think was impervious to good common-sense reasoning at the beginning, when there were a lot of voices that said give it time. Make sure we roll it out piece by piece, and identify the soft spots, and we can address some of the vulnerabilities, and then we're going to be better off over the longer term. So you can point fingers of blame, but I think the issue really is beyond that. This is such a big percentage of our GDP. If we get it wrong, we suffer. If we get it right, expanding the marketplace, ultimately it makes us a more competitive nation and gets a lot of very vulnerable people covered who today are out there between programs, between federal programs, not able to get jobs in the job market. So the implications are profound, and they really do go beyond just politics, Kate."

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