Tucker on Ocasio-Cortez Saying She Looks Forward to Being Inaugurated: ‘She May Have Her Eyes on Something Bigger’

‘She might be the face of the 2018 election’

CARLSON: "Alexanderia Ocasio-Cortez looking like she might be the face of the 2018 election. She has lost that status to Brett Kavanaugh temporarily, but still having a good week. President Obama just endorsed her, which is kind of amazing. President Obama is endorsing someone who views his presidency as a disappointment, and embarrassment, something that needs to be replaced by something far more extreme. Oh because your Cortez wants ObamaCare replaced by health care for all. Obama sucked up hard to Wall Street, and they replayed him. Ocasio-cortez didn’t pause to savor the irony. She said in a recent speech she looks forward to being inaugurated in 2018. Members of Congress, of course, are not inaugurated. They are sworn in but she may have her eyes on something bigger. We will see."

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