Gillibrand: Kavanaugh ‘Believes Corporations Have More Important Free Speech Rights than You or Me’

‘Use every platform you have available to you to be heard’


GILLIBRAND: “He should not be a justice on the Supreme Court because he was not honest. He does not have the character or the integrity to be a Supreme Court justice. And that’s on top of all the ways that he has shown in his decisions and in his speeches that he is not qualified to be on this court. Not only does he not believe in women’s reproductive freedoms and women’s reproductive rights, but he believes corporations have more important free speech rights than you and me. And so I know these last few weeks have been painful, painful for so many people, so many of us around this country, because we see so many men in power not listening to women, not believing women, not understanding why these stories matter, not believing survivors, not standing with survivors, denying survivors the right to be heard. Ms. Ramirez says she feels this investigation was trying to silence her. And so for each one of us who wants to be heard at this moment, I am leaving you with one final thought. November is coming."

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