Susan Page: It Is Going to Take a Long Time for Republicans to Win Women Back When Kavanaugh Fight Is Over

‘There are short term political gains for the Republicans from this, but I have to to say that there are also long term Republican risks’


PAGE: “You know, Republican officials tell me that once judge Kavanaugh came into that hearing and was so defiant and spoke so strong and was so angry, that that really united the Republican voters and ginned them up in a way they hadn't really been by this midterm election. And they are really optimistic that the short-term political -- that there are short-term political gains for Republicans from this. But I've got say there are also long-term Republican risks, because you see that the idea of women who have survived sexual assault, that's not a partisan issue, that affects Republican women as well as Democratic women, and one of the concerns that some Republicans have is over the long-term, they are going to lose support from -- from women, especially better educated women, and that it it is going to take a long time for them to win them back when this fight is over.”

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